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I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited to collaborate with you on creating a space that you love!
Before working in Airbnb design, I was a dental hygienist (a 180, I know!) I realized it might be time for a change when I found myself re-designing my own space way too often. 
I connected with an amazing group of people who were investing in, setting up and managing short term rentals. I started investing in and designing my own Airbnb properties and from there, it grew to designing for others investing in short term rentals, and then further into personal homes. 
I have been so fortunate to connect with other like minded people who inspire me to grow and dive deeper into my creativity. Designed to Host has given me the space and opportunity to do what I enjoy while seeing the world that I love. 

"every room is a unique opportunity to craft an outstanding experience for you & your guests"

My Design Style

As an Airbnb designer, my design style is all about creating bold, eye-catching designs that are both functional and stylish. I approach every project with a sense of adventure and curiosity, exploring different design concepts, colors, textures, and materials to create a space that’s truly one-of-a-kind. With a focus on maximizing ROI, I incorporate design elements that not only look great, but also add value to the property! Because we work directly with an Airbnb account manager, we get the inside scoop on which styles are making the most amount of money on the platform!

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Why our clients love working with Designed to Host & the benefits as a homeowner. 

More frequent Bookings for Rentals

Professional Discounts on Furniture

Access to industry expertise

Higher Return On investment

Custom Design Mock ups

Happier guests & better reviews

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